Biden Admin Close To Missing Budget Deadline For 3rd Time In 3 Years

 February 1, 2023

Republican Study Committee members are making waves for a letter that they recently sent to President Joe Biden that demanded "answers on whether his administration plans to submit the presidential budget request to Congress next week as the country is expected to hit its current debt limit soon."

In congressional terms, that's a sarcastic way to say you're not pleased that Biden's administration is missing that year's budget deadline for the third time in as many trips around the sun.

The letter was led by Republican Study Committee Chairmen Kevin Hern of Oklahoma and Spending Task Force Chairman Ben Cline, a Republican from Virginia. They said:

We write to express our concerns regarding reports that your administration may miss the statutory deadline for submitting a Presidential Budget to Congress for the third year in a row and has no intent to offer a balanced budget. As the deadline rapidly approaches for you to submit your Presidential Budget, we ask that you do your job so that we in Congress can begin ours.

The group then submitted a group of questions that were basically designed to make Joe Biden admit he's failing:

- Will your administration submit a budget by the statutory deadline? If not, when does your administration plan to submit a budget to Congress?
- Will your administration’s budget balance in the ten-year budget window? If not, do you not believe the American public deserves a responsible, balanced budget, that does not rely on tax hikes?
- Why is your administration unable to meet this annual budget proposal obligation?

Only time will tell how Democrats respond, or if they do.