Biden Admin Asks SCOTUS To Force Removal Of Border Razor Wire

 January 4, 2024

Joe Biden just proved once again that he has no business being the president of the United States.

The Biden administration has requested the Supreme Court allow the removal of the barbed-wire fence installed by the state of Texas at the United States -- Mexico border.

His carelessness for the protection of Americans could not be more obvious.

He’s more concerned with the safety of illegal immigrants.

The joke, however, is on him.

The reason that the fence was built in the first place was to deter immigrants from crossing at a notoriously dangerous part of the Rio Grande.

Yet, in the Biden Department of Justice’s appeal letter, officials wrote that the decision to cut the barbed wire fence “removes a key form of officer discretion to prevent the development of deadly situations.”

If the Department of Justice actually cared about immigrants as they claim, they would understand that crossing at the river should not be an option and would be searching for alternative, safer methods to allow them to enter our country.

The Biden DOJ doesn’t seem to get it.