Dean Phillips: Biden 2024 Admission Proves His Campaign Is 'Delusional'

 December 8, 2023

President Joe Biden just showed us where his priorities are.

They are not focused on America.

They are on beating Donald Trump.

During a closed-door fundraiser, Biden admitted that he may not have sought reelection if it had not been for former President Donald Trump running on the Republican side.

There are many who are echoing Biden’s thoughts and do not seem to understand just how wrong the president's reasons for running really are.

“If Trump had decided not to run, I feel that Biden would have announced it is time to pass the torch to the next generation,” said Democratic strategist Stefan Hankin to the Washington Examiner.

Some Democrats are downplaying Biden’s comment, saying that the only reason Joe Biden ran for president in the first place was to stop then-President Donald Trump from entering a second term, so it only makes sense he would do so again.

“Joe Biden ran in 2020 to stop Donald Trump. He did. Joe Biden is running again in 2024 to stop Donald Trump again. It’s that simple,” said Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh.

We agree, Mary Anne.

It is that simple.

Joe Biden is running to “stop” Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is running to save America.

It’s clear that President Joe Biden does not have his priorities or his heart in the right place.