Late Night Superstar SAVAGES Biden In Surprise Attack - HILARIOUS...

July 27, 2022

In a move that most Americans never expected to see until a Republican was back in office, The Tonight Show just made fun of the President of the United States of America..

It's really amazing just how many times different media outlets have tried to cover for Joe Biden, but it appears as though even they are tiring of the job.

Joe Biden is a human blooper reel, pretending not to notice that just shows viewers how biased these shows really are.

Maybe Fallon's numbers might be hurting, because he led off his show in a manner that was completely different from every show he'd ever filmed before:

He began it by making fun of Joe Biden.

"The past five days, President Biden has been isolating with COVID and today his doctor said that his symptoms are now almost completely resolved," Fallon said. "Yeah, that’s great. Biden’s staff was like, ‘Just to be safe, let’s keep him isolated until 2025.’"

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