Barr speaks on Trump's post-election actions, indictment

 August 6, 2023

Former Attorney General Bill Barr shared his perspective on former President Donald Trump's actions after the 2020 election.

In a recent interview on FNC's The Story, as highlighted by Breitbart, Barr expressed his views on Trump's conduct following the 2020 contest. Barr described Trump's behavior as "reprehensible."

Indictment and election interference

Barr further clarified that the indictment of Trump should not be seen as interference in the 2024 election. He emphasized that while he doesn't agree with the claims of interference, he does believe that the Department of Justice's approach was expected under the laws against defrauding the United States and obstructing proceedings.

Barr's stance on the indictment

While discussing the indictment, Barr mentioned his reservations about the aggressive stance against Trump, especially when compared to the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden. "I think it’s a legitimate case from a legal standpoint, responding to a very grave misconduct," Barr stated. However, he also pointed out that such aggressive moves can be divisive for the country.

Comparing Trump and Hunter Biden's cases

Barr expressed his concerns about the disparity in the handling of Trump's and Hunter Biden's cases. He believes that while the case against Trump is legally legitimate, the treatment of Hunter Biden has been notably lenient. This discrepancy, according to Barr, has the potential to further divide the nation.

Barr concluded his statements by emphasizing that Trump's post-election conduct was what was truly reprehensible. He defended the Department of Justice's approach, stating that it was in line with how they would typically handle such situations.

The statements made by Barr, given his position as a former attorney general, are significant. They shed light on the inner workings of the Department of Justice and provide a perspective on the post-election events. The public and political analysts will likely dissect these statements, leading to further discussions and debates.


  • Bill Barr described Trump's post-election behavior as "reprehensible."
  • The former attorney general clarified that Trump's Jan. 6 indictment does not constitute election interference.
  • Barr expressed concerns about the aggressive stance against Trump compared to the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden.
  • He believes that the Department of Justice's approach to Trump's case was expected and in line with the law.
  • Barr's statements provide insight into the Department of Justice's workings and the post-election events.

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