Barack Obama confirmed to be advising White House on AI

November 5, 2023

Former President Barack Obama is working behind the scenes to advise President Joe Biden on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is a growing area of concern for policymakers.

NBC News reported that Biden's former boss is "engaging behind the scenes with tech companies and holding Zoom meetings with top West Wing aides at President Joe Biden’s request, according to aides to both men."

Many have speculated that Obama has been playing a key role in the Biden administration for months, but this report confirms that the former president can't seem to stay away from the White House.

NBC's report continued saying, "After that, Biden asked Obama to consult with his team to develop a policy that encourages innovation but also directly addresses the dangers of AI, their aides said. They then continued the discussion during a lunch at the White House, they said. They agreed that they have a “shared vision,” their aides said, and that the federal government should take swift action."

Obama is likely keeping a low profile as an advisor because of the negative connotations that his involvement in the White House creates. However, the game is up, and Americans are beginning to suspect that Obama is involved with more than just AI.

Furthermore, this report suggests that Biden and his team aren't equipped to handle the AI revolution on their own, which is concerning and further validates claims about the president's inability to lead the nation.

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