Bank robber found sleeping in stranger's home days after incident, police say

By Jen Krausz on
 January 29, 2024

A 27-year-old bank robber was found sleeping in the home of an unsuspecting Georgia woman days after he committed the crime, according to authorities.

Roswell Police were able to arrest James Rayborn Wednesday on a number of charges, including armed robbery, reckless driving, attempting to elude police, and other traffic offenses.

The bank robbery happened on Monday afternoon in Roswell, roughly 20 miles outside of Atlanta.

Police were called, but Rayborn had fled before they could arrive.

They caught up to him on Tuesday using license plate readers, but he drove off when they tried to pull him over, then crashed the car and ran off on foot, leaving his female accomplice behind.

They pinged his cell phone Wednesday evening in the woman's home, where they found him lying on the floor sleeping. She did not know he was there until police showed up.