Bad Biden polling week may foreshadow trouble ahead

By Jen Krausz on
 May 15, 2023

It seems like President Joe Biden's polling numbers just keep getting worse, just as he has finally started to campaign in earnest for 2024.

Never mind that 63% of voters don't even want Biden to run for another term. He doesn't care, or probably even know what's going on.

It's no wonder former President Donald Trump is seven points ahead of Biden in a Washington Post and ABC News poll.

That's not Rassmussen (which is usually pretty accurate), it's WaPo and ABC. Probably biased against Trump rather than for him.

In a YouGov poll, 76% of independents said the Biden economy is in poor or bad shape. Those kinds of numbers don't bode well for re-election, which often depends on independents to carry swing states.

A majority of 58% said they didn't think Biden was the strongest candidate. He does want to make sure he pardons his family members if they get charged with anything, though, so he'll keep hanging in.