New book claims JFK Jr. committed murder-suicide in plane crash that killed wife, himself

 June 18, 2024

An extract from author Maureen Callahan's new book, Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed, contains a bombshell theory regarding how John F. Kennedy Jr. and wife Carolyn Bessette actually died in a plane crash in 1999.

According to the Daily Mail, Callahan's book details how Bessette and JFK Jr. met, and how their relationship, often rocky to say the least, ebbed and flowed.

While their relationship started out fine, it would eventually devolve into significant trouble, and there's a theory that the plane crash was a murder-suicide situation, rather than an accident.

JFK Jr. was a bit of a daredevil and reportedly nearly killed his first girlfriend in a kayaking accident in Jamaica.

Bessette was reportedly reluctant to take a flight with JFK Jr., who was reportedly not experienced enough to take the flight, as was the case for many of the adventures on which he embarked.

At one point in their marriage, rumors swirled that the two were on the brink of divorce, and those in their circle, including an adviser, told Bessette she should take the flight to avoid those rumors from growing.

The Daily Mail noted:

John's own assistant – who had become close to Carolyn – strongly advised her to get on the flight. Otherwise, she said, the media would report they were getting divorced.

That was uncomfortably close to the truth. And Carolyn knew that if her marriage failed, she'd inevitably be blamed.

Bessette reportedly felt trapped.

"I can't get a divorce," she'd say. "I'll wind up living in a trailer park, out of my mind, going: 'I used to be married to JFK Jr.'"

The outlet added:

July 16, 1999. Carolyn finally agreed to get on that plane. Unlike just two weeks prior – when she had demanded John fly with a flight instructor on board – this time, John insisted on flying without one.

At 8.10 pm, John had turned up on crutches, along with Carolyn's sister Lauren, at Essex County airport in New Jersey, far later than planned, carrying an open bottle of wine.

Not only did he not file a flight plan that evening, but other, more experienced pilots refused to fly that night due to the conditions. JFK Jr. also reportedly cut off all communications with air traffic control on the flight.

Eventually, he became overwhelmed by the conditions and ultimately crashed into the ocean in a nosedive.

"The question is unavoidable: Was JFK Jr. flirting with murder-suicide that night? His marriage was in tatters, as was his magazine. His sister Caroline, upset that John was trying to stop her from auctioning off their mother's possessions -- Jackie's deathbed suggestion -- was barely speaking to him," the author wrote.