Australian Vote To Remove King Charles III As Head Of State Postponed Indefinitely

 January 10, 2024

King Charles III may be in some trouble with Australia.

A vote championed by certain factions in the country seeks remove him as Australia’s head of state.

The topic of Australia cutting any remaining ties to the British monarchy has been one of interest for some time in the land down under.

It appeared to some that the time may soon be drawing near.

Despite the vote being long-awaited by many, it does not seem that Australia has any real urgency to move forward just yet however.

According to a BBC report, taking a vote is “not a priority” nor is there any timeframe in which the vote will be taken.

Prime minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, also shared a “warm relationship” with King Charles, according to the Australian newspaper.

It is difficult to determine the probability on when the world will actually see this proposed vote come to fruition.

We do know that the Labor government has confirmed they were expecting the King and Queen to visit sometime “later this year.”

Could discussions surrounding this topic be on the agenda?