Attorney General Pulls Trigger On Mark Zuckerberg - Election Scandal Is...

October 19, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg might be in trouble.

Even if he loses, the $25 million his opposition is seeking is just a drop in the bucket to Mark.

It's going to be the tarnishing of his name that will cost him way more than that in the future.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a motion that is seeking around $25 million from Meta, Facebook's parent company.

The reason? Over 800 violations of campaign finance transparency law.

I barely understand what that means and I know it's serious.

King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North recently ruled that Zuckerberg intentionally broke the law at least 822 times on October 6.

Because the violations happened on purpose, Zuckerberg is facing a $30,000 penalty for each one. Multiply that by 822 cases, and Mark is looking at a bill of $24.6 million.

A drop in the bucket for Mark, surely. Hopefully the press coverage exposing how much he really controls America will do more damage than the fine ever could.

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