Attorney General Merrick Garland is a failure for not restoring public trust in the Justice Department

 June 20, 2023

George Washington University legal scholar Jonathan Turley blasted Attorney General Merrick Garland as a "failure" for not restoring the public's trust in the Department of Justice.

Turley wrote in a column for The Hill, "Merrick Garland began his tenure as attorney general with the stated intention of restoring faith in the Justice Department and the rule of law. By that standard, Garland has been a failure. In fact, if anything, the crisis of faith surrounding his department has only deepened on his watch, and he bears some of the blame."

Ever since the 2016 presidential election, Americans have lost more and more trust in the Justice Department as it has been subverted by leftists who have used it to achieve political objectives.

Turley went on to say, "Garland could have taken steps to assure the public that there is not a two-tiered system of justice but repeatedly refused to do so. For example, Garland has continued to refuse to appoint a special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden. By doing so, Garland has removed the president’s greatest threat in the form of a report that would detail the scope of the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling and foreign contacts."

Garland needed to do the bare minimum to restore Americans' trust in the system, and yet that was too much for him.

The attorney general exists just to protect the Biden family's corrupt business, and what the American public thinks doesn't seem to matter.