Attorney General Drops Hammer On Biden Keystone Decision

 January 14, 2023

Montana's Attorney General blasted the Biden administration, saying that China will benefit from the Keystone shutdown.

Austin Knudsen, Montana AG, reacted to a report by the Department of Energy that President Joe Biden axing the Keystone XL pipeline killed American jobs.

Knusden said that the report proves critics of the administration were right and added that he believes the move will also benefit China because they can now buy the oil.

"This is a justification of what we’ve been saying since we filed lawsuits on this," Knusden said.

"Montana, my office, we led the lawsuit after the President canceled this permit on day one. This was going to be a huge economic boon, not just to Montana, but to the entire country," Knusden added.

"Well, look, China has shown it has a voracious appetite for energy," Knusden later added. "The canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline, who benefits? China benefited from that. We know that the Canadians are not going to stop producing that oil, then — and they’re going to find a market for it. China has been very clear, for years, that they want that oil. I think that they’re the ones who are going to benefit from this. They’re going to get that oil. They’re going to continue to seek more energy around the world, to keep their economy going."

Source: Breitbart