At Least 18 People Shot In Chicago Over Two Days Of Christmas Weekend

 December 26, 2023

At least 18 different people were shot during the first two days of the Christmas weekend in the Windy City.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is a Democrat.

Why does it always seem as though Democrats are the people in charge in the most dangerous locations in America?

The vile streets of San Francisco are governed by liberals.

New York City's disgusting homelessness problem is getting worse at the hands of Democrats.

Yet Democrats still pitch themselves as the saviors to the less fortunate.

Democrats are the reason these people are less fortunate in the first place!

Of the 18 people who were shot during the first two days of Christmas weekend, at least two of them had died by Christmas morning.

At 12:44 pm on Dec. 23, 28-year-old man was shot while on the sidewalk when somebody fired at him from a vehicle.

The man was struck in the head and died at the hospital.