Associated Press reporter in Gaza calls Israeli regime 'apartheid'

October 15, 2023

Gaza-based Associated Press reporter Issam Adwan called the Israeli regime "oppressive" and "apartheid," leading to criticism about whether he can report on the situation objectively.

In a number of now-deleted social media posts, Adwan disrespected and spoke derisively about Israel.

A year ago, he posted on X, "Palestinian revolt against the Israeli oppression will be a triumph" and "every colonial system will be overthrown. Meanwhile, you should reflect on what you did to contribute to it."

He stated in another, "It's simple to identify which side you take… Supporting colonialism and apartheid is never ok to the human common sense."

Israel is only "colonial" in that it hasn't kicked all of the non-Israelis out of its land. It has tried to live in peace with its Muslim neighbors, but last week's attack has shown how foolish that may have been.

"Issam Adwan was taken off of reporting duties a few days ago while we look into this," an AP spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

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