Arkansas takes measures to kick Chinese company off 160 acres of land

October 19, 2023

With the Chinese snapping up farmland and other real estate in America at an alarming rate, at least one state has decided to do something about it.

According to JustTheNews, Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin recently told a Chinese company to give up roughly 160 acres of land it owns in Craighead County.

Arkansas is the first state in the country to take such an action.

The outlet noted:

The land in question is owned by Northrup King Seed Co., a subsidiary of Syngenta Seeds, LLC, which is owned by China National Chemical Company, or ChemChina, according to the attorney general’s office.

Griffin, citing a law known as Act 636, kicked the Chinese state-owned company off the land for failing to report foreign ownership of the land within the law's guidance.

"For those of you who think this is some sort of outlier, you’re wrong. I’ve been in the military for almost 30 years, and I can tell you one of the most consistent themes over the last decade at least has been warnings about the Communist Chinese, what they will do and what they are doing. So this is smart and this is strategic," Griffin said.

The law was passed by the state's Republican-led legislature and signed into law by Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R).

"For too long, in the name of tolerance, we’ve let these dangerous governments infiltrate our country. Arkansas will tolerate them no longer," said Gov. Sanders.

She added, "I was proud to sign Act 636 sponsored by Sen. Johnson and Rep. Vaught banning foreign parties from nine enemy countries from owning agricultural land in Arkansas. And today we are acting on that law."

Sanders added, "If they refuse to sell, our attorney general can move forward with legal proceedings and force them to get out of our state."

Social media users erupted at the news, cheering on Sanders, Griffin, and the state of Arkansas for taking action.

"Governor Sanders gets it folks. We need this all across the Midwest. It’s happening more than the media wants to report. BAN foreign nationals from owning our farmlands!" Ryan Fournier wrote on X.

Hopefully, other states will soon follow.

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