Arizona Democratic Mayor: 'The Border's Wide Open'

 May 13, 2023

When even Democrats are calling the ending of Title 42 a historic failure, you know President Joe Biden has made a serious goof.

Clea McCaa, a Democrat, is the Mayor of Sierra Vista, Arizona. As a Democrat, he's supposed to blindly agree with everything our liberal federal government does under its current leadership.

However, he's also a mayor near the USA--Mexico border, so he can't afford to go along with disastrous immigration policies that threaten to destroy her voters' lives.

"The issue is that our Border Patrol agents are now inside their processing facilities processing the migrants coming into the U.S. And that leaves our border wide open. I just talked with our Sheriff, Mark Dannels (R), this morning, we still have a problem with…fentanyl coming across the border," McCaa said.

"We want to see more support on the border, sir. Bottom line, we need support down here, federal agents to guard our border, to make sure that we don’t have any more high-speed chases through my town, anymore fentanyl coming north," he added.

"We need Border Patrol officials stationed, I understand about the migrants coming across and I understand about the processing, but the border’s wide open. I talked to the sheriff this morning. The border’s wide open. We need it closed," McCaa concluded.