Arizona GOP chooses former Trump official as party chair

 January 30, 2023

Republicans in Arizona have elected a former Trump official Jeff DeWit to become the next party chair.

DeWit will replace Kelli Ward.

"Current GOP chair Kelli Ward has fallen under some controversy for failing to win statewide elections and excessive spending," reports Fox News.

The change comes as Republicans in Arizona, a battleground state, hope to unite under new leadership and win back statewide elections.

DeWit worked on both of Trump's presidential campaigns. He replaces Kelli Ward, a Trump ally who has embraced and echoed his election denial claims.

"He won 70% of the votes over several other nominees, including Steve Daniels, who vowed to drastically change the state’s election system by requiring all votes to take place in person on one day, with ballots counted by hand," reports Fox News.

"I'm going to work for you, and we’re going to unify," DeWit said after the vote that gave him the seat. "And we’re going to get back to beating Democrats and winning elections."

"DeWit was elected state treasurer in 2014 and resigned in 2018, just before his term ended as he was confirmed as chief financial officer of NASA under Trump. He led Trump's Arizona campaign in 2016 and was chief operating officer of Trump's 2020 campaign," reported Fox News.

Source: Fox News