Report: AOC Under Investigation

December 8, 2022

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is FINALLY getting what she deserves:

An investigation.

Although relatively few details were made available to Fox News at the time of reporting, it seems clear that AOC could be in a heap of trouble.

According to Fox News, the firebrand member of the progressive "Squad" is currently under a House ethics investigation, although the specific subject of the probe remained unclear.

Many are speculating that it has to do with fundraising efforts.

Illegal or not, Americans have known that AOC's tactics have at least been unethical for quite some time.

The congresswoman claims to be sticking up for those less fortunate, but shows it by throwing lavish fundraisers and appearing at multi-thousand-dollar-per-plate dinners wearing clothes that say "tax the rich."

At the very least, she's a hypocrite.

At the worst, she's a criminal.

The House ethics panel will announce the cause of AOC's investigation sometime in 2023.