AOC makes false claims regarding Trump Jr. tweet about father's judge

April 6, 2023

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is at it again: this time she made false claims about a tweet in which Donald Trump Jr. called out the daughter of the judge overseeing his father's case for working on the Biden-Harris campaign.

Several media outlets have said that Trump Jr. posted "photos" of Loren Merchan, which would almost be doxxing her, but in fact all Trump Jr. did was repost a Breitbart article about her that included a photo.

The Washington Post's chief fact-checker Glenn Kessler should really know better, but these libs just can't help themselves.

And as usual, Ocasio-Cortez didn't do her homework but just repeated the false claims. “Let’s be very clear: intimidation and stochastic terror are the core tools of Trump and the fascist movements that support him,” she wrote.

Never mind that she called for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to resign over comments his wife made. What's good for the goose just does not apply to her or anyone who agrees with her progressive agenda.

“Is going after Ginni Thomas ‘stochastic terror?'” senior editor for The Federalist David Harsanyi wrote in response to Ocasi0-Cortez's tweet.