AOC Furious Over Senator's Pro-Israel Comments

October 14, 2023

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, recently said what many in this country are also thinking:

"We're in a religious war, and I unapologetically Stand with Israel," Graham said. "Hamas doesn't want a two-state solution; it wants a one-state solution, the destruction of the Jewish people. The last group that tried to do that were the Germans. Look what happened. Fifty million people died."

"The Israelis, when they say, 'never again,' they mean it," Graham added. "Damn it, they mean it."

You would think it would be difficult to find fault with such a courageous message.

Still, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) immediately tried to do just that.

As you might expect, AOC started aggressively arguing the counterpoint to Graham's stance.

"This is textbook rhetoric of ethnic cleansing that cannot be accepted in any civil society, let alone the United States. It is an affront to humanity to weaponize this horrific trauma to justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians," AOC said. "It is dangerous and must stop."

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