Anti-Trump Twitter Account Exposed As Fake

If you're a frequenter of Twitter, you may have heard of "Erica Marsh" by now.

Erica Marsh was supposedly a young female Democrat operative who "was a former field organizer for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and an Obama Foundation volunteer."

But Erica Marsh never existed.

The popular Twitter account was nothing but a hoax the entire time.

Kind of like the viral tweets "she" was posting pushing liberal talking points.

The nonexistent Marsh offered her opinions on a number of nationwide issues, saying:

The defeat of Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s first Black female Mayor and first openly gay mayor speaks to the racism and homophobia that candidates still face in major U.S. cities.

It was racist for the people of Chicago to replace her with a black man? She went on:

Ron DeSantis is a modern day Hitler. If elected President, we will be living in a modern day Nazi Germany.

The Republican Party is a modern day Nazi Party. Change my mind.

Erica Marsh never existed, but her disease did. It's called liberalism.