Another Biden Fact Check Reveals Lies Upon Lies

 June 10, 2023

President Joe Biden was asked this week during a press conference why Americans should trust the Department of Justice.

Biden answered that he "never once … suggested to the Justice Department what they should do."


Biden said people who defied the January 6 Committee’s subpoenas should be prosecuted.

"President Biden responded to a shouted question on Thursday from a left-wing journalist who asked him why Americans should trust the Department of Justice — not because it may be prosecuting his political opponent, for the first time in American history, but because that opponent had the temerity to criticize it for doing so," reports Breitbart.

In his response, Biden emphatically claimed that he had never told the department to charge, or not to charge, any individual.

Question: Mr. President, What do you say to Americans do convince them that they should trust the independence and fairness of the Justice Department when your predecessor, Donald Trump, repeatedly attacks it?

Biden's answer: Because you notice, I have never once, not one single time, suggested the Justice Department what they should do, or not do, relative to bringing a charge or not bringing a charge. I’m honest.

The president made the remark while waving his finger at reporters. He then said, "I'm honest," and scuttled slowly off the stage, as one would expect an 80-year-old man in declining health to do.

On top of all the scuffling and finger wagging, Bien's statement is false.

"Biden specifically and publicly said on October 15, 2021, that those who defied subpoenas from the Democrat-run January 6 Committee should be prosecuted," reported Breitbart.

"I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable," Biden said in 2021, referring to the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee investigating the riot.

Biden was later asked whether he believed the Justice Department should prosecute.

The president again told reporters, "I do, yes."

Then-press secretary Jen Psaki subsequently had to do damage control in helping Biden clean up his careless comment.