Another 19 shot, two fatally, in Brandon Johnson's Chicago over the weekend

October 9, 2023

The bloodshed in Democrat-controlled Chicago continued over the weekend with another 19 people shot and two left dead from their wounds.

Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) has been just as inept as the former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who, after four years of service, was booted out on her behind.

Democrat voters were dumb enough to believe that Johnson would be an improvement over Lightfoot, but the same kinds of problems are occurring -- particularly a high number of shootings in the city.

So far, the Chicago Sun-Times has reported that 455 people were killed in the city this year.

While there has been a mild reduction since COVID-19 lockdowns, that number is still far too high.

Johnson doesn't know what he's doing; none of the Democrats do.

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