Ann Coulter claims Democrats indicted Trump so he gets 2024 nomination

By Jen Krausz on
 April 6, 2023

Conservative author and political pundit Ann Coulter said on her Substack on Wednesday that Democrats indicted former President Donald Trump, whom she does not support, because they wanted him to get the nomination for president in 2024.

"Republicans: you're being played!" she titled her piece and argued that Democrats are really afraid of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis but think they can easily beat Trump even if they're stuck with President Joe Biden as a candidate.

"Against DeSantis’s smarts and energy, the Democrats would be running President Senile Dementia and a vice president whose sole credentials are that she is black and a woman," she wrote.

"Today, the party mandarins are sitting around laughing as Republicans trip over themselves to defend Trump."

Historically, she pointed out, candidates who are rejected by voters once rarely ever win again. Of course, no one has ever dealt with a wrongly indicted candidate before.

Biden's advisors are happy they will probably face Trump again, because they think they can beat him again, even in the face of Biden's gross incompetence. If Trump's popularity holds, I guess we'll see if they are right.