America's Preacher Drops Truth Bomb On America for 2023

 January 2, 2023

Rev. Franklin Graham said the world appears to be in a dire situation as we enter the new year and advised Christians on how to move forward in 2023.

"As we begin 2023, the world we live in seems to be imploding. A brutal war is bringing suffering and death in Ukraine with every day that passes," Graham wrote in his Facebook post:

"Senseless violence is rampant across the United States. Anti-God agendas that once hid in the darkness are now proudly out in the open, demanding acceptance," Graham said.

"Developed nations are being overtaken by socialism, removing God from anything and everything in the public square. And if you think things are bad, just wait — they’ll get worse," Graham continued.

Recent surveys suggest church attendance and belief in God has plummeted across the nation.

"Church attendance dropped by roughly 45 percent since the start of the pandemic, the latter of which prompted various leaders to shutter businesses and churches for months on end," Breitbart reported.

"Further, a Gallup survey released over the summer found that belief in God sunk to an all-time low this year, down to 81 percent. It also identified young individuals and leftists as the most likely to not believe in God,” Breitbart continued.

Graham's suggestion to Christians?

"We tell a dying world that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life — no one comes to the Father except through Him (see John 14:6)," Graham wrote.

Source: Breitbart