America's Preacher Calls For Energy Independence 'Like Under Trump'

 March 15, 2023

One of America's favorite evangelists is calling for the United States to return to American energy independence.

Reverend Franklin Graham said America should return to energy independence like "when President Trump was in office."

"Rev. Graham stopped in Alaska on his way home from Vietnam and took the occasion to thank the Biden administration for its 'common sense' approved opening of three proposed oil drilling sites in Alaska," reports Breitbart.

The Interior Department recently announced the Biden administration's approval of a modified version of crude oil producer ConocoPhillips’ proposal to drill in the National Petroleum Reserve.

Previously, Biden has called for an end to drilling on federal lands.

"I believe we should be using the resources God has given us and striving for energy independence, as we were when President Trump was in office," Graham said. "There’s no reason we can’t do this."

"And I’m all for exploring alternate sources of energy for the future. As Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan said, it is 'national security suicide' to be dependent on countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil," Graham stated.

"Trump’s national security strategy (NSS) stressed the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection while rejoicing in America’s energy independence as an achievement to be proud of," reported Breitbart.