America's FBI Has Gone Wild: Report

 February 24, 2023

If you're looking for law and order, you're definitely NOT going to find it inside of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI has been under intense scrutiny from everyday Americans in recent years as a result of being weaponized by Joe Biden's administration, being used to intimidate parents and scare them away from school board meetings, among other things.

That way, the liberals of the government can collude about how to indoctrinate your kids without interference from the parents of the children.

There must have been some real lowlifes working in the agency to be brainwashed by the Biden administration like that.

Recent reports are showing that might have been EXACTLY what happening.

The FBI has gone absolutely WILD in recent years, engaging constantly in the type of criminal activity that would NEVER tolerated if committed by members the general public.

"Scores of FBI employees have been caught over the last five years engaging in unethical and illegal conduct such as driving drunk, stealing property, assaulting a child, mishandling classified documents, and losing their service weapons — but they often escaped being fired," according to Just The News.

That makes sense. Liberals make rules for us, not for them.