Americans Think A Republican Would Handle China Better Than Biden: Poll

 March 11, 2023

A Trafalgar Group survey recently revealed that most of America knows EXACTLY what China is, namely, an "adversary."

People from every political affiliation in America think that, according to the poll. Over 70% of Republicans, 66% of independents, and 53% of Democrats know that China is our "adversary." The rest define the country as a "competitor."

Yeah, if the competition was to see who could be the most threatening toward the entire world, then China can be considered a "competitor."

The survey also asked who Americans think would do the best job at dealing with China's increased troublemaking lately.

Even Democrats don't think it's Joe Biden, with under 39% of them having confidence that the president is going to deal with the growing threats from China in an acceptable manner.

Shockingly, over one-third of Democrats think that a generic Republican would do a better job at dealing with China than Biden would.

When even his own party doesn't trust him, that tells you all you need to know about Biden.

He's weak and old. If I know that, then so does China.