Americans Say Personal Finances Deteriorating Under Joe Biden

 February 7, 2023

There's a bad economy, there's a REALLY bad economy, and then there's Joe Biden's economy.

Most Americans aren't doing as well under Biden as when Trump was in office, but 41% of American families think that their financial situation is worse BECAUSE of Biden.

Compare this to just 13% of Americans who said they were worse off two years into Trump's presidency than they were at the beginning of it.

Yet, for some reason, Joe Biden continues to lie to Americans and try to convince us that he's doing a good job. He really must think we are stupid. The White House claimed:

All told, between higher prices and lower wages, lack of competition between businesses costs the median American household $5,000 a year. Wages are up, inflation is down, and more Americans have health insurance than ever before.

Except those things are not true at all. Joe Biden's nothing but a liar.

Keep dreaming, Joe. Because back here in reality, we're about to vote you out.