American people would rather Congress lead the nation over Joe Biden dealing death blow to Presidency

 January 16, 2023

A new Rasmussen Reports poll released on Friday found that a majority of American voters want President Joe Biden to take a backseat to Congress in determining the nation's course.

52% of poll respondents stated that they believe it would be preferable if Joe Biden “does more of what Congress wants."

Just 33% of poll respondents said that they would prefer that Congress does “more of what the president wants."

This situation is the worst possible diagnosis for the Biden administration which is struggling to establish credibility with a divided nation that no longer believes in the president.

Furthermore, Congress's lower chamber is controlled by Republicans meaning that Congress' agenda will be bipartisan at best for Democrats.

The president had two years to enact his agenda and he failed by nearly every metric. Now Americans have seen enough, and they want a bipartisan Congress to lead the nation for the remaining years of Biden's term.