Rep. McCaul: Predictions of coming war with China likely correct

 January 30, 2023

Republican Representative Michael McCaul of Texas shared his thoughts on the prediction from four-star Air Force Gen. Mike Minihan, who warned his commanders to prepare for war with China in around two years' time.

"Minihan predicted that fighting will come after China takes advantage of the U.S. being preoccupied with the 2024 election to take action against Taiwan, which will be focused on their elections next year as well," reported Fox.

"I hope he's wrong," McCaul told Shannon Bream, host of "Fox News Sunday." "I think he's right though, unfortunately."

McCaul said that China very much wants mainland China to reunify with Taiwan. He said that could occur through influencing the Taiwanese elections in early 2024.

McCaul added "as long as Biden is in office projecting weakness," there are "very high" odds of war with China happening. McCaul additionally noted the Biden administration's failure in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he said he believes led to Russia invading Ukraine.

"Later in the program, House Armed Services Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., disagreed with McCaul and Minihan's assessment of possible war with China," reports Fox News.

Source: Fox News