America Says Biden's Economy Going To Get Worse Next Year

 October 21, 2023

Professional economists AND regular Americans seem to be in complete agreement on this issue:

They're pretty sure that President Joe Biden's economy is going to get a LOT worse before it gets even a little bit better.

Over half of Americans think that Joe Biden's economy is getting worse at this very moment.

Only 24% of those who responded thought that it was at least staying the same.

A paltry 18% think our economy is improving right now.

Just 9% weren't sure which way our economy is headed.

Maybe those people will take the opinion of the experts then.

Many experts have the exact same opinion right now, according to Breitbart. "Many economists agree with the public’s view that the economy is getting worse rather than better despite the recent better-than-expected performance."

While the numbers are helpful, the most powerful thing about America's economy is how people are FEELING about it.

Right now, the people aren't feeling great at all.