America Pulls Trigger On China, Might Be Sending Troops

 April 11, 2023

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he believes the United States should send help to Taiwan stand up to China.

Pompeo said that help from America to Taiwan should include sending United States troops.

The former Trump administration official said, "You have to convince the Chinese Communist Party there are real costs for bad behavior and if their president who says, 'Gosh, a minor incursion into Europe might be OK,' or they see a president abandon Afghanistan where we have 13 killed, those are the things the Chinese leadership will see as appeasing and puts American lives at risk."

On Fox News' America Reports, Sandra Smith said, "Senator Lindsey Graham suggested this as far as troops in Taiwan."

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said, "Strategic ambiguity is not working. China, after Afghanistan, believes the store is open, that you can go in and take whatever you want on Biden’s watch. I would be very much open to using U.S. forces to defend Taiwan. It’s in our national security interest to do so."

Smith said, "Are you on board with that as well, U.S. troops on the ground to defend Taiwan?"

Pompeo answered, "We often think about Taiwan in isolation. Think about this. Japan will almost certainly get drawn into this if there is an invasion in Taiwan."

"Also, we have a security guarantee to support Taiwan, Article 5 in the NATO agreement giving the Taiwanese the tools to make sure the day never happens," Pompeo added. "We did for four years. But push comes to shove. The United States has to be all in to protect Taiwan, Japan, Australia, South Korea."

Smith asked for clarity, "So, to be clear, that’s a yes."

Pompeo answered, "Yes, we should do everything we can."