Alvin Bragg's Persecution Of Trump Responsible For His Continued Popularity

 December 30, 2023

Liberals are literally delusional.

They think that by persecuting Donald Trump, they are going to get American voters to turn on him.

We have months of data now, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Each time they bring a new set of charges or make a new ruling against Trump, liberals THINK that they're getting closer to preventing the former president from running in 2024.

They're actually doing the complete opposite.

By constantly ruining their credibility with unfounded attacks and charges against Trump, they are only adding to his popularity and credibility.

There wasn't always proof that the "political witch hunt" against Trump existed like he said it did.

Now, there most certainly is.

And Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg may have been the person that started the ball rolling in terms of dooming the liberals in 2024.

Before his indictment of Trump, the former president was leading Ron DeSantis by only 12 points. The GOP primary was still totally up in the air.

Now, Trump appear to have the Republican primary completely locked up.

He's looking good for the general election as well.

Thanks, Alvin.