Stefanik: Alvin Bragg Must 'Testify Before Congress, Under Oath'

 March 21, 2023

New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik is saying that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg needs to be called to testify before Congress under oath as soon as possible.

Stefanik thinks that Bragg needs to explain what many Republicans, Sen. Ted Cruz included, are calling the "political persecution" of Donald Trump.

"I think we should hear Alvin Bragg testify before Congress, under oath, about his vision and the fact that this is wildly political and the fact that this was not pursued by federal courts and the fact that the Department of Justice passed on this," Stefanik explained, adding:

I want to hear his answers about funding from George Soros. I want to hear his answers about the crime crisis in New York. So, at the same time like I said that you have him lowering felonies to misdemeanors you have something that is beyond the statute of limitations and is a political witch hunt. So I absolutely want to hear Alvin Bragg testify before Congress.

"This is the epitome of the weaponizing of the federal government against Democrats’ political opponents," Stefanik said during an interview with Breitbart News.

She continued:

Being a native New Yorker, being from my home state of New York, Alvin Bragg is as radical and left-wing as they come. Over a million dollars funded by George Soros. This was a case that was considered a zombie case. Federal prosecutors did not pursue this case because there is no there there. Meanwhile, you have Alvin Bragg basically doing the bidding essentially of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party because they can’t beat President Trump at the ballot box. What is very frustrating is we think about New York State where we have a crime crisis, literally the epicenter of the crime crisis is because of Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies. So, at the same time you have this DA lowering felonies to misdemeanors, you have him pursuing a non-case just for political vengeance.

Our intent just from a congressional perspective is there needs to be robust oversight and accountability and the way we do that is through the House Judiciary Committee, the select committee on weaponization. We’ll go after any federal funding and any communications between the Department of Justice and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office—making sure we uncover every communication in terms of how they politicized this effort to go after President Trump.

I view this as another chapter in a very sordid and very un-American tale of Democrats going after President Trump going back to the 2016 Russia Hoax, going back to faulty FISA application, going back to whether it was Clapper and Comey lying before Congress. It’s not just President Trump they’re going after. They’re now going after parents and calling them domestic terrorists. This is part of again just this weaponization of the federal government against folks because they have different political beliefs and because they happen to be Republicans.