Alvin Bragg charging Marine who subdued Jordan Neely more evidence of racialized prosecutions

New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg surprised no one with his decision to charge Marine veteran Daniel Penny after he subdued a violent homeless man on a New York subway who ultimately died.

Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell sat down for a Friday interview on The Story with Martha MacCallum, and blasted Bragg for his racialized prosecution of Penny.

Terrell stated, "The big question … is why – why the Marine [veteran] and not the other individuals who helped him? I mean, why weren't they charged for anything? They weren't charged at all. This is the ugliest of the race card being played. And this Marine is being the sacrificial lamb. And I find it offensive."

Penny and several bystanders subdued a violent homeless man with a choke hold. Not only were the actions taken to subdue Jordan Neely justified, but it's also undeniable that Bragg's charges are only being brought because of the race of those involved.

Bragg is charging Penny for the crime of being a White man attempting to protect himself and those around him. In the same way, Neely's violent behavior and past criminal history don't matter to Bragg because of Neely's skin color.

The message is loud and clear, radical leftists like Alvin Bragg will only enforce the law through racial paradigms which means it is open season on White Americans.