Alex Murdaugh Will Not Get New Trial

 January 31, 2024

Alex Murdaugh, the lawyer who was convicted of murdering his wife and son, will not be getting another trial.

Murdaugh requested another trial after rumors of jury tampering surfaced.

Judge Jean Toal rejected Murdaugh’s request.

Toal also had words for county clerk Rebecca Hill, the woman involved with the tampering allegations.

“Did clerk of court Hill’s comments have any impact on the verdict of the jury? I find that the answer to this question is no,” Toal said.

She also touched on how Hill had a “desire for a guilty verdict because it would sell books.”

“I simply do not believe that the authority of our South Carolina Supreme Court requires a new trial in a very lengthy trial such as this on the strength of some fleeting and foolish comments by a publicity-influenced clerk of courts,” Toal concluded.

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