Alec Baldwin fired blank at crew member before fatal 'Rust' shooting: Report

 June 20, 2024

Alec Baldwin is still trying to maintain his innocence after he fired a gun on a movie set that discharged a live round and struck and killed one of the film's crew members.

New reports represent a HUGE obstacle in the believability of Baldwin's story that the whole incident was an accident and that he shouldn't be held responsible.

Apparently, earlier during the shooting of the movie, Baldwin had been goofing around and fired a blank round at a crew member on the set.

This all reportedly happened before Baldwin fatally shot someone else.

Reports that Baldwin had been behaving recklessly with the firearms on set do not help his case.

Prosecutors allege that Baldwin, age 66, pointed his gun and fired "a blank round at a crew member."

Even if you're pretty sure the round is a blank, you should NEVER point any weapon at anything you don't intend to harm, and you sure as heck better not pull that trigger.

Baldwin probably didn't mean to kill anyone, but that doesn't mean he couldn't have prevented it.