Albuquerque Sets Annual Homicide Record In 2022

 January 4, 2023

If liberal policies are so great, why did Albuquerque just set a new annual record for murders in the city?

Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Tim Keller is a raging liberal, and this is exactly what the people of the city get for putting him in charge.

There were 114 homicides in Albuquerque in 2021, and that number jumped up to 120 in 2022. There were just 81 murders in Albuquerque back in 2019.

And it's not just Keller in Albuquerque. Liberals across the nation are setting records in 2022 for the number of murders happening in their cities.

Hardly a day goes by in Lori Lightfoot's Chicago without multiple murders. Guess the strictest gun control laws in the country don't actually work, huh?

Milwaukee is being run by liberals these days, and it also just set a new record for homicides in a single year. 2022 recorded an amazingly high 224 homicides in Milwaukee. By way of comparison, in 2019, only 97 homicides occurred in the city.