Albanian prince and princess announce plans to divorce

 January 21, 2024

Royal watchers the world over were shocked to hear the news that Albanian Crown Prince Leka II and Crown Princess Elia are planning to divorce, as Vanity Fair reports.

The couple announced the unfortunate development in a post on the prince's Instagram page and emphasized his and the princess's commitment to providing a stable upbringing for the three-year-old daughter they share.

Sad end to royal union

Vanity Fair noted that one particular translation of the prince's statement, which was written in Albanian, said that the marriage “has lost its function.

As a result, the spouses, whose union dates back to 2016, “decided to resolve it with mutual consent by starting the necessary legal procedures.”

Princess Elia was reported to have posted a statement of her own to social media, but it was later deleted, and her account was subsequently set to private.

Reports indicated that her remarks confirmed that a divorce was forthcoming.

“This is not at all a reality that makes me happy, as I believe in family values as the most precious thing," she declared, adding, “I would never have chosen for my daughter to grow up with separate parents, but sometimes separation is the only option.”

Underscoring her devotion to her only child, Elia continued, “What matters most is that my baby girl experiences this moment as easily as possible.”

"Despite these difficult months I've gone through, your kindness has given me strength," she told her followers, adding her best wishes for "health and happiness" in their families.

Prince carries on

As PEOPLE reported last week, just one day after news of his impending divorce went public, Prince Leka was seen in public, carrying out official duties as usual.

Leka, 41, took part in a symbolic wreath-laying ceremony in Tirana with a visiting Hungarian official, with the event meant to honor the late Albanian Queen Geraldine's Hungarian roots.

The prince's aforementioned Instagram account later featured photos from the event, during which he appeared to be in good spirits, according to PEOPLE.

It remains to be seen whether Elia, 40, will be permitted to use any official title or royal styling following the dissolution of her marriage to Leka, with details of that nature yet to emerge.

While divorce is never the outcome anticipated when two young people marry, hopefully Elia and her soon-to-be-ex-husband can make good on their promise to ensure that their daughter's health, safety, and well-being remain their top priorities as they move forward in building their new, separate lives.