Alabama man pleads guilty to threats over Trump election case

 June 19, 2024

Fani Willis had to be ROCKED when she heard these threatening messages.

Now, an Alabama man has pleaded guilty to leaving them on the phone of the Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney and the county sheriff during the summer of 2023.

Arthur Ray Hanson II reportedly made the phone calls in early August 2023 but claims that actions were outside of his ordinary character.

"I made a stupid phone call," Hanson said in court. "I’m not a violent person."

In one message, Hanson warned Willis: "When you charge Trump on that fourth indictment, anytime you’re alone, be looking over your shoulder."

Hanson also had an aggressive message for the county sheriff in charge of booking Trump:

"If you take a mug shot of the president and you’re the reason it happened, some bad (expletive)’s gonna happen to you," court records report Hanson's message to the sheriff saying.

Hanson said that he was so angered by the investigation into Trump that he made the phone calls hoping authorities would back down.

It didn't work.