Plane, bus collide at LAX, injuring 5

 February 13, 2023

A plane and a bus collided at a Los Angeles, California airport, injuring several people.

This is the third similar incident in the past month.

"The American Airlines plane was being towed from a gate to a parking lot when it collided with the bus," reported Breitbart.

This photo shows the bus with a cracked windshield:

"The incident caused injuries to approximately five people," LAX Airport said in an announcement on social media.

"We thank our partners @LAFD for quickly responding and treating passengers from the bus. Other LAX operations remain normal," the post said.

Twitter users replied to the airport's announcement with their opinions:

"Wtf is going on with US airlines and airports? It’s like a banana republic. Get it together. US infrastructure is in disarray. Vote Republican," one tweet reads.

"I think hiring standards have been lowered overall and we are all paying the price," another user speculated.

"Meanwhile under President Joe Biden’s (D) leadership, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has focused on 'LGBTQI+' inclusivity and 'gender-neutral' language while struggling to manage commercial air traffic across the nation," Breitbart News reported.

Source: Breitbart