'AI Czar' Kamala Harris Calls Machine Learning 'Kind Of A Fancy Thing'

 July 15, 2023

America knew that Kamala Harris was going to get exactly ZERO things done in regard to America's southern border when Joe Biden appointed her America's "Border Czar."

That was probably Biden's plan all along. He assumes that not fixing America's southern border will result in Hispanics flooding America and owing Democrats a vote.

Joe doesn't want the border open for diversity's sake or anything like that. Biden wants the border open because he's trying to enlarge his voter base.

That corrupt plan makes sense, but I am having a hard time understanding just why Biden wants Harris' incompetence as America's "AI Czar" as well.

Harris clearly doesn't know the first thing about AI, recently referring to it as "kind of a fancy thing."

America's liberals are hot in pursuit of "machine learning fairness," and Kamala Harris is ready to regulate it.

And that's literally as far as her plan has gone. The woman is completely clueless on the topic.

Just like she is about everything else.