Tom Selleck, 79, claims to have never once used email or text

 April 20, 2024

Tom Selleck is experiencing a CRISIS when it comes to technology, and he's counting on his family to save him.

The Blue Bloods star is already 79 years old, so he doesn't really feel obligated to catch up with the fast-moving technology of today's world.

Apparently, he wasn't so keen on technology back when he was 49, either.

Despite email and text technology being around for decades at this point, Tom Selleck just seriously shocked America when he claimed to have NEVER used either one.

Instead, he leans on his "younger" wife, Jillie, to do it for him.

It is worth noting that Jillie is age 66 herself.

When you're a legend like Tom Selleck you don't have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

If that includes not sending text messages or reading emails in 2024, then so be it.

Tom Selleck has more power in one mustache hair than I do my entire body, so who am I to judge?