Woman, 104, Dies Days After Attempting World's Oldest Skydiver Record

October 12, 2023

A spokesperson for Dorothy Hoffner said that Dorothy had an "exciting, well-lived life."

It's over now.

The 104-year-old woman from Chicago who recently attempted to set the world record as the oldest person to ever skydive from a plane has died.

"Age is just a number," Hoffner said to a crowd just a few days ago. The fans had gathered to watch her touch down at Skydive Chicago about 85 miles southwest of the Windy City.

Dorothy was feeling so young the day of the dive that she didn't even take her walker up in the plane with her.

This wasn't the first time that Hoffner had fallen out of a plane before.

Dorothy previously accomplished that feat to celebrate her 100th birthday a few years ago. Although, she wasn't as brave that time, having to literally be pushed out of the plane.

"The whole thing was delightful, wonderful, couldn’t have been better," Hoffner said after touching down the second time.

She said wanted to hop in a hot air balloon next.

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