Afghanistan Gold Star Father Blames Biden For Son's Death (Plus 12 Others)

 August 31, 2023

Joe Biden's premature evacuation from Afghanistan left 13 Americans dead and the terrorists in possession of MILLIONS of dollars of American military equipment they never would have been able to secure on their own.

With one move, Biden singlehandedly propelled the worldwide terrorism movement considerably ahead.

Now, the father of one of the 13 killed by Biden's mistake is demanding accountability for the old man that Hunter Biden calls "Daddy Joe."

Mark Schmitz's son, Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz, was one of the 13 killed by Joe Biden's boneheaded decision.

It's two years later, and he's still upset. I would be as well.

"We have invited Biden to meet with us while we are all here in D.C. together, and it has been absolute crickets. There has not been one word from him about meeting with us, and that’s just yet another spit in the face," Schmitz recently said on Fox News.

Host Todd Piro asked, "But Mark, that begs the question, why? Why does he refuse to meet? Why does it seem, throughout this horrific ordeal for you and for your family, the Biden administration seems to be making it worse? And the follow-up to that is, Mark, do you feel like there’s some sort of cover-up going on for some reason?"

The answer is simple, according to Schmitz. "There's a cover-up going on." He added:

Absolutely, there is a cover-up going on. We’ve been told many untruths that have been debunked by boots on the ground that were actually there that contradict the stories that the Pentagon has been trying to push on us. And, as far as the first part of your question, Biden knows he did wrong. He may speak the words to the American people to try to get them to buy his version of this being an extraordinary success.

It’s just, unfortunately, what should have happened, didn’t happen, which ultimately led to what happened, and that didn’t need to happen, if that makes sense. So, he could have done this a completely different way. I think our sons and daughters would still be with us right now and we would have still accomplished the mission, and certainly probably have gotten out the better-vetted people that we needed to try to get out versus the masses of people that we don’t even know who half of those people are still.