Additional Charges Brought Against Donald Trump

 July 29, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith has done what was once considered impossible:

He's made himself even more hated by America's Republican voters.

Smith accomplished the feat by bringing about even more charges against former President Donald J. Trump.

Many Republicans are upset over the additional charges, which have implicated even more of Trump's people. They're pretty sure that this is just a distraction to cover up from the REAL crimes being committed and covered up by the Biden family.

Criticism of the charges is being led by one GOP leader in particular.

"Now we're down to charging like random people just throwing those into the indictments," said Republican from Missouri Josh Hawley. He added:

Is it any coincidence that the DOJ rushes to add these new indictments today after the Hunter debacle, after their own self-dealing and two-timing is exposed after they tried to hide from us the true extent of this plea deal that gets blown up, and then it's like, ‘Oh, we got to go indict Trump on something else.’

"I mean, it's so brazen right now what they're doing. It is really a subversion of the rule of law," Hawley concluded. "I mean, taking the rule of law, turning it on its head."