According to Trump, DeSantis would be working in 'pizza parlor'

By Jen Krausz on
 March 29, 2023

Former President Donald Trump said on Hannity Monday night that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be working in a "pizza parlor" without his 2018 endorsement during a close Republican primary in the governor's race.

Trump took credit for DeSantis's victory, saying he rewrote the endorsement and that his involvement made the difference.

“I said, ‘You write out what you’d like and let me see it,'” Trump said. “He wrote it out. I thought it was terrible. I changed it, made it great, and I gave him a great endorsement. From the moment I pressed that button, he blew the guy away. The race was over.”

“And there was no way Ron was going to beat Gillum,” he added. “So, he got the nomination. But there was no way because this guy was going to be the future of the Democrat Party. And I said, ‘Ron, you can beat this guy. Let’s go.'”

Trump also questioned DeSantis's disloyalty in refusing to back him for 2024 and considering a run on his own instead.

“I got him the nomination,” he said. “By the way, he could have never gotten the nomination. He would be working in either a pizza parlor place or a law office right now. OK?”