82-year-old Walmart employee retires after viral TikTok campaign raises $100,000

 January 9, 2023

Butch Marion, an 82-year-old Navy veteran who was working at a Walmart in Maryland, was able to retire after a customer filmed a TikTok with him which raised $100,000 on GoFundMe.

The individual who took the video, bug extermination business owner Rory McCarty, said he had seen another video that inspired him to post the TikTok in hopes of raising enough money for Marion to retire.

Marion appeared to be ecstatic upon receiving the funds and plans to use the funds to set his affairs in order and take a trip to visit his family. Marion is a father and grandfather and said he hasn't hugged his family in years.

While Marion's story has a great ending, it still shines a light on the desperate situation that many of America's finest find themselves in.

Veteran homelessness and suicides have become unacceptably common and Americans need to do more to support those who were willing to give it all to protect the nation.

No veteran should have to work at 82 years old to survive. Thankfully, help may be on the way as Republicans in the House of Representatives have an opportunity to tackle the issue and perhaps finally make a real difference in the lives of America's needy veterans.